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Our Services

At Rivia Therapeutics, we understand that everyone’s body is different and that each person requires a personalized approach to their health and wellness. That’s why our team of experienced massage therapists and manual osteopaths tailor our services to each individual patient. Our treatment plans are based on a thorough assessment of your specific needs and goals.

We use a combination of massage therapy and manual osteopathy to help restore balance to your body and promote physical and mental wellness. Book your appointment today to experience the difference a tailored treatment plan can make.

What we offer

Pricing & Direct Billing

We can direct bill all insurance companies that allow direct billing for Osteopathic Practitioners and Massage Therapy.

If we are unable to direct bill, you will be provided with a receipt to submit manually.

Known Issues: Direct billing Osteopathy Services for Manulife and Canada Life must be submitted manually. Alberta Blue Cross at this time does not cover Osteopathic Practitioners.

Prices listed are subject to change and do not include GST

Janelle Culbert

Initial Assessment (~1 Hour)


Follow Up (~1/2 Hour)

Comprehensive Follow Up (~1 Hour)


Under 16 (~1/2 Hour)

Chris Reese

Initial Assessment (~1 Hour)


Follow Up (~1/2 Hour)

Comprehensive Follow Up, Pregnancy Massage (~1 Hour)


Extended Follow Up (~1.5 Hour)


Reflexology (~1 Hour)

Common conditions we treat

Foot & Ankle 

Plantar fasciitis, bunions, rolled and sprained ankles, toe pain, nerve pain, cold feet, edema (swelling), feeling like ankle is stuck.


Aches & Pains, degenerative disk disease, scoliosis, rib pain, movement restriction & stiffness, surgery, fusion. 

Neck & Head

Poor movement & tension, Headaches, Migraines. Vestibular treatments coming December 2023.

Knee & Thigh

Iliotibial Band, inner thigh pain, radiating groin pain, torn ligaments, pain behind the knee, tracking patella, patellar conditions, poor circulation, surgery & replacements.


Poor posture, pain between shoulder blades, pain in the front, radiating pain, poor & restricted movement, rotator cuff, surgery & replacements

Digestive Disorders

Constipation, diarrhea, weak bladder, urinary retention, acid reflux, poor digestion, IBS, crohn's, diverticulitis etc...

Hip & Low Back

Misalignment, SI joint pain, sciatic pain, pinching in the hip/low back, numbness, tingling, surgery & replacements.

Arm & Hand

Epicondylitis (Golfer & Tennis Elbow), carpal tunnel, weak hands, thumb pain, nerve pain, pain that travels down the arm

Symptoms of Mental Health

Irritability, getting upset quickly, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, lack of body positivity and random mood swings not otherwise diagnosed by a physician.  

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